Musician Spotlight on Bob Stegall

Bob Stegall at Taytro's Bar & Bistro in Festus, MO

Before I moved to Missouri in 2018, I spent the prior year visiting the Festus area every month to learn and explore. One of the places we would frequent was the previous Taytro’s Bar and Bistro location (where Kasabi Japanese, Sushi & Ramen now is). We would eat, drink and enjoy live music. We always tried to catch Bob Stegall perform in the cozy, itty-bitty space where he played next to the bar. I loved the experience so much, I started planning my trips around when/where he would play. Bob pairs his guitar and harmonica skills with his charming voice, exuding a chill energy to his acoustic country/light rock tunes.

Since then, we have continued to follow Bob as he performs at local venues, mostly in a secret, perhaps stalker-ish kind of way. This last Sunday afternoon, Bob was playing at the (current) Taytro’s location. We planned a lunch date to unwind and reconnect with the sounds of Mr. Stegall. We sat at the bar and savored our delicious lunch (a blackened catfish salad and steamed veggies for me and BBQ pulled pork cheesy nachos and a cup of jambalaya for Jason), while swaying and singing to Bob’s live music. Bob played new, familiar cover hits from artists like Zach Bryan and Ray LaMontagne, as well as classics by Neil Young and Tom Petty. 

When Bob took a much-earned break off stage, he sat right next to me at the bar. My heart started racing a little faster as a “fan girl” wave swept over me. I nervously complimented him on his music and told him how much/how long we have been admiring him. He was beyond kind, gracious and appreciative of our following. I was curious to learn more about this gentle and gifted man. Without telling Bob about my online writing venture (at first), I soaked up a sweet conversation with him.Bob grew up in Pevely, MO and graduated from Herculaneum High School in 2002 (the same year as Jason and I). While Bob sang in choir in high school, he did not learn how to play the guitar until he was 20 years old. He studied how to play chords and tunes from his buddies and through online videos. He has been in and out of bands, now currently rocking out his solo acoustic sets. As a self-described introvert and extrovert, he likes to mix his time with others, as well as carve out time to independently create and practice his art. In addition to learning new, popular hits, Bob also writes his own music. He said is an “audience pleaser” to mindfully play what people know and love, while sprinkling in his original songs (“Backroads” is my favorite). 

When Bob is not making people sing and smile at local places like Taytro’s, Villa Antonio Winery, The Russell House and more, he is a Manager at Pogolino’s Festus. Bob resides in Festus and is currently house-hunting for a new home in Festus. 

Bob communicates his live music schedule on his Facebook page. You can find his music on YouTube. As a non-paid, now public, Bob Stegall fan, I highly recommend you check Bob out. I invite you to support this sweet and incredibly skilled local musician, as well as our fantastic local establishments where Bob performs his live sets.

Facebook: Bob Stegall Acoustic Music

Instagram: @stegallbob

YouTube: @bobstegall4344

A little more about Taytro’s Bar and Bistro:

Taytro’s Bar & Bistro

Bob was a shining highlight of the 2023 Summerfest event:

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