A new calendar month

There is an energy surge most of us associate with the word “new.”

Today welcomes many new unfoldings: 

a new day

a new week 

a new moon cycle

…still a newer month and a newer year

…and perhaps, a new chapter 

Today I offer a gentle reminder that each of us also always has a new moment available to us at anytime. 

When all else may feel uncontrollable, unmanageable or unbalanced, we still can have a new moment to choose our mindset, humor, attitude and perspective. 

There is so much peace, freedom and liberation when we are aware of our power to make efforts to control, manage and balance our own thoughts in each new moment. 

I, and your Festus-area community, are curious…are there any new, itty-bitty mantras that help you create the mindset you choose in any given moment?

Please share on social media: and my_festus. This is helpful for all of us.

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