Nicole Tucker Ingram Lightens the Load for Liberation

Nicole Tucker Ingram at On the Grind Coffee in Crystal City, MO

Sometimes we feel stuck in situations that feel heavy. Whether we feel like our legs are trudging through quicksand, or we have bulky bricks on our shoulders, or our head is full of constant pressure, we feel heavy and stagnant. Perhaps it’s within an uninspiring job, or craving for growth in business? Maybe it is within a challenging relationship or a strenuous life chapter? Sometimes we just feel stuck.

One local leader loves helping to lift the weight and lighten the load to provide clarity with solutions and encouragement to move forward with liberation. Nicole Tucker Ingram is a woman of many talents, known by many as “The Woman to Call” for ideas, creativity, education, and connections.

Within her role as a Business Development Officer at Enterprise Bank & Trust, as well as within her MANY leadership roles in multiple networking, community, and charitable organizations, she helps individuals and small business owners identify where they may be feeling heavy, why they may be stuck, and how she might be able to help lighten the load. 

Whether someone has a side hustle and is looking to take their gig full-time, or whether someone is ready to take their business to the next level; or, whether someone needs relief from a heavy pressure in their life, Nicole loves to show up and serve.

Nicole offers banking resources, as well as personal and professional coaching, educational classes, speaking presentations, networking advice, and more.

Nicole has a passion to see and meet people where they are at…literally and figuratively. 

With her compassionate energy, she sees and meets people at every stage, in every heavy situation, with no judgment. 

With her adventurous energy, she offers to bring coffee, or itty-bitty treats, to see and meet people at their workplace!

With her curious energy, she sees and connects with people to offer ideas, creativity, resources, confidence, and solutions in a warm, fun, and strategic way to lift and inspire so people can feel light and hopeful to move forward. 

This is a non-paid endorsement inviting you to connect with Nicole to lighten and elevate your stage and state. Allow her to take your drink order as you invite her in to talk about what might be weighing you down. 

Allow Nicole’s warm and fun energy, paired with her creative, strategic solutions to lighten the load so that you can feel free to finally move forward.

Oh, and Nicole’s nonjudgmental energy is legit. Nicole has moved forward through many heavy chapters in her life. She vulnerably wrote about one painful personal life chapter in a chapter of the book, “Perfectly Imperfect.” 

This book has made Nicole a number one international best selling author. 

“Perfectly Imperfect” is available at our local Riverbend Bookstore in Crystal City, MO. Check it out, and check her out.

Do you know Nicole? Show her some love by commenting on social media and sharing this link to spread the word about how she lovingly shows up and serves.

As we all share from a place of love, we are able to connect a little deeper, and demonstrate what loving support REALLY feels like within OurFESTUS-area community.

Connect with Nicole:

Nicole Tucker Ingram


Enterprise Bank & Trust


Boss Bia Merch:

Riverbend Bookstore

P.S. Nicole is also part of an amazing woman empowerment networking group. She is looking to expand and create a new chapter in Festus soon. Reach out to her with your questions and interest about this!

Nicole and I relaxed and talked on the spacious outdoor patio at On the Grind in Crystal City. More about this place:

On the Grind Coffee Company in Crystal City, MO

Nicole and I met at a Jefferson County Growth Association event. More about an upcoming event, and this fantastic organization:

7/25/24 – FREE Businesswomen’s Storyteller Social

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