Now is YOUR Time to SHINE!

WHOO-HOO! ????

Congratulations on taking the next step to be more visible to invite people in to learn more about who you are, what you do and what you stand for.

✨You are about to be a SHINING, FEATURED MyFESTUS Friend a.k.a. A STAR ????on✨

All you need to do is fill out this easy-to-fill-out electronic form.

OR conveniently scan this QR Code:

This will conveniently have all of the questions and prompts you need to effortlessly express what solutions you offer, how you help, why this connection matters, and how people can support/contact/find you.

This is also an opportunity for you to share HOW YOU SHOW UP to connect and support the people with our community.

People want to connect, work with, and support the people who share their same beliefs and values. There are no right or wrong answer to the questions within the form.

This entire itty-bitty initiative creates a big impact when people can be their authentic self.

There is no competition within community when each person shows up to offer their unique gifts to our world.

The goal for this SUPPORT OurFESTUS Resource Guide is not just for people to know you and like you, but for them to trust you and love you.

You are welcome to take as much time or as little time as you need.

There are no deadlines, no pressure on this.

You are welcome to take as much or as little space as you would like, sharing what you feel you’re comfortable with.

Stay light, go deep, it’s your prerogative.

We can always make changes in the future.

This is your time.

This is your story.

In addition to your story, the electronic form will also allow you to simply upload your favorite photo and logo that best portrays you and the solutions you offer.

If you are looking for a photographer and/or logo help with graphic design, simply reach out, I would be happy to connect you with awesome, trusted people.

➡️ Submit this form and BOOM!

✨You are about to be a SHINING, FEATURED MyFESTUS Friend a.k.a. A STAR ????on✨

Once I receive your information back, I will create your own custom web page/individual website link within the website.

Please expect this to take around six business days.

This custom webpage is yours to use and you’re welcome to have this be your directed starting point for your clients, if you do not already have one.

Then, YOUR story link will live on the website for the time/space you reserved.


You will also be PROMOTED on the participating MyFESTUS social media channels:

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✨You are able to share from here to gain even more attention and momentum.✨

You are encouraged to share this link on your social media channels and within your marketing efforts. 

Future edit/changes can be submitted by sending an email to Future edits and revisions may take six business days.

✨There are SOOO many other people, just like you, who are looking to share their story and be more visible.✨

✨The more ROBUST this Support OurFESTUS Resource Guide is, the more valuable this is for all the people who want to live, work, visit, and play in OurFESTUS area.✨

➡️Referrals are welcome! We have an unlimited referral program. Receive one month of space for EACH referral who becomes a MyFESTUS friend, like you.

The goal for, along with our positive energetic goal for our community is for people to “Come for the Convenience, Stay for the Culture.”

WE cultivate the culture within our community.

Thank you for being courageous to share your story, to connect with others, and to support OurFESTUS community.

You are needed, and we are grateful for you and how you show up in such an authentic way.

We ALL look forward to reading your story as you become

✨VISIBLE✨ as a

local hero,

helpful guide,

and an

approachable leader

READY to SERVE and solve problems!????

More on cultivating a thriving community:

Refer A MyFESTUS FRIEND *UNLIMITED* Referral Reward Program

Come for the Convenience, Stay for the Culture