Ode to Dogwoods

Flowering Dogwood Tree in Festus, MO

I wrote and posted this last year on April 13, 2023.
Today, exactly one year later, I am still reflecting on the beauty within OurFESTUS area…

“This Wisconsin-raised girl is continually delighted by the sight of the sweet and romantic blossoms on the Flowering Dogwood Trees in Festus, Missouri. While this tree species is found throughout Wisconsin, they were never abundant where I grew up. The pastel colors of these precious flowers make me smile. The itty-bitty blooms love basking in the sun, as does my dog, Evita, who adores laying under our Dogwood Tree.

The Dogwood Tree is Missouri’s official state tree, presenting its glory this time of year. Here are some recent photos I took in our neighborhood.

May their beauty brighten your day.”

Thank you for sharing, connecting, and supporting.

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