Ooh La La at LaLa’s 

LaLa’s Roast and Bistro's LaLa, local gal and owner, Leigha (Kaiser) Gaston

Ooh La La… Just saying those itty-bitty words and letting the luxurious sounds roll off your tongue create a fancy feeling of love and exquisite energy. While you do not need to dress up or be fancy to walk into the exquisite new local coffee shop and eatery, LaLa’s Roast and Bistro, you certainly can enjoy that fancy Ooh La La feeling!

As you drive through the heart of Hillsboro, Missouri on Business 21, you slow down and say Ooh La La! There is THE place! The lovely Lala’s sign, paired with the warm-toned bricks on the most charming little building welcomes you.

Perhaps you decide to use their convenient drive through to get your canine one of their custom-made doggie treat cups, or you park to get out to explore and experience why everyone is saying Ooh La La about this place.

As you walk by the sweet outdoor seating in the front, you feel that Ooh La La, French bistro feel. 

When you walk inside, you say Ooh La La as the many friendly faces greet you with a smile.

Ooh La La! You just met the real LaLa, local gal and owner, Leigha (Kaiser) Gaston. She is the sweetest!

As you peruse the menu, you are lit up with excited curiosity. Will you get a fancy, custom-made indulgent iced latte or a refreshing fruity iced tea to cool off?

Will you treat yourself to a perfectly crafted sandwich, perhaps one with sourdough bread, smoked meat, crispy bacon, and creamy mozzarella…? Ooh La La, there are so many options!

Delicious and flavorful gyros, soups, salads, bakery items, and more! Ooh La La!!

After you place your order, you proceed to pleasantly peruse the custom-made jewelry and crafts available for purchase, created by local artists. Ooh La La, there is so much talent in our community.

You turn around and Ooh La La!… Again! The exquisite decor is all around! Itty-bitty gold flecks sparkle through the rustic brick walls. Another wall is adorned with the most colorful, exquisite, vibrant floral designs. On yet another fun wall, a fuschia La La’s sign brightens and lightens the counter, and your energy.

All of this exquisite Ooh La La energy feels so good.

This is another non-paid endorsement, inviting you to say and feel Ooh La La as you experience all of the exquisite elements that LaLa and her team have created. There is so much to love. 

Ooh, and thank you to my friend, Mark Russell, for joining me on this fun experience.

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LaLa’s Roast and Bistro

10632 Business 21, Hillsboro, MO 63050


Call ahead available!

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