Petit Paree, Packed with Transformative Power 

Petit Paree Restaurant and Lounge in Festus, Missouri

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day, or not, there is one lovely local establishment that is filled with love.

Within a historic and charming building on our historic and charming Festus Main Street, there is so much to love at Petit Paree.
During this loving time of year, I wanted to highlight a story that I previously wrote, as Petit Paree is the perfect place to experience love as you celebrate Valentine’s Day, or any other special day, or milestone, that is meaningful to you:

Transformation is a magical thing. Most transformations take time; however, Petit Paree Restaurant and Lounge in Festus, Missouri provides transformative experiences within a single visit. As soon as you walk in, your mood is transformed. The essence of the grand elements of the decor, paired with the robust scent of greatness from the kitchen evoke an energy to invite you to feel like royalty.

Whether you are on a hot date, meeting up with friends, taking your parents out, or are overdue in treating your fabulous self, you immediately feel luxurious within the walls of this spacious, yet cozy, elegant establishment on our historic and charming Festus Main Street. 

The charm of the decor pairs refined French whimsy with an old world vibe to transform your mind into a different era of time. Despite their 1960 inception date, the ornate wood, rustic red bricks, tin ceiling, floral wallpaper, warm lighting, colorful stained glass and intriguing artwork are more reminiscent of a vintage lounge ready to cater to the most sophisticated wine, whisky or martini connoisseur.

While the amount of drink choices are extensive, the condensed menu proves their confidence in their impeccable recipes and high quality, fresh meal offerings. The flavors of their soups, salads, steaks, seafood and desserts will transform your taste buds with each memorable bite.

My meal consisted of their crisp and crunchy house salad, a perfectly charbroiled, flavorful filet and sides of roasted asparagus and creamy, savory spinach. I was immediately transformed into a fan of all. My friend, who dined with me, savored their pan-seared salmon with the reduced red wine caper sauce. It looked marvelous. While we did not have room to indulge in more, I took an itty-bitty moment out to see some of their decadent sweet desserts.

It was sweet to be out with two dear friends, with our engagement enhanced by such an enchanting environment to be together. The captivating details of the decor, spectacular service and satiating food truly transformed our interactions.

The depth of any connection can be transformed within Petit Paree’s many beautifully-decorated dining room and bar spaces, all different sized areas to gather to eat and drink, whether you are solo, with a few, or within a large group. 

When we create opportunities that allow us to connect with ourselves, and others, the experience can be remarkably transformational.

This is a non-paid endorsement, encouraging you to experience how Petit Paree Restaurant and Lounge has the power to transform your energy, taste buds and connections.

Petit Paree Restaurant & Lounge

228 E Main St, Festus, MO 63028

(636) 937-8400

Andrea Moore, Sara Plew and Anna Mayer

This story was originally posted in July of 2023. I loved connecting with Andrea Moore and Anna Mayer at Petit Paree.

They are local celebrities, and extraordinarily talented and professional women. Check them out:

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