Pine Mountain Country Coffee House & Mercantile in Festus, MO

Pine Mountain Country Coffee House & Mercantile in Festus, MO

I originally wrote about the Festus, MO Pine Mountain Country Coffee House & Mercantile location in February, 2023 (see below).

Now, I would like to congratulate this team on officially opening their second location! Owner, Amy Lowery, recently posted:

“We are so excited to announce a second location opening soon at Ballpark Village. It will be named Fielder’s Choice but will have all the same menu items you know & love from Pine Mountain! We appreciate all the support everyone has given us from day one that has allowed this dream to happen!”

Way to go! Our community loves all of your food and drink creations, fun environment, shopping, sweet service and more! We are all rooting you on with your new venture.

Here is my original 2/17/23 review:

Pine Mountain Country Coffee House & Mercantile on Festus Main Street

I invite you to explore our Festus, Missouri Main Street to experience the unique atmosphere and broad spectrum of treats that Pine Mountain Country Coffee House & Mercantile (Pine Mountain) has to offer, for a wide range of reasons…

If the kiddos are home, perhaps you need a spacious place to work or network with another professional over coffee and a light lunch (how about a bagel sandwich!?)?

Or, maybe you need a getaway for some “me time” to fuel your pre or post work-out with an energy tea, healthy fruit smoothie or acai fruit bowl?

Perhaps you want to “wow” the kids with a Cookie Monster cupcake or romantically share an ice cream flight sampling on an amusing day-date?

…the variety of reasons to visit plus the many menu items to indulge in is just as varied as the atmosphere and paradoxical energy one feels within this historic Festus downtown building.

A cherry red 1940’s pick-up truck welcomes you as you walk through the door, while colorful, oversized cartoon-like wall paintings of cupcakes, ice cream sundaes and jelly beans wink at you, inviting you to explore more. Walking into Pine Mountain is like stepping into an animated yet, old-fashioned time zone.

If you’re an 80’s kid like me, do you remember loving the 1988 movie, Roger Rabbit? Step back in time and conjure up that surreal feeling you felt you watched combination of live action animation with a real-life 1940’s Hollywood energy. That wondrous excitement, paired with endless decadent indulgences bring a smile to folks young and old at Pine Mountain.

The atmosphere also has all the historic design elements one would crave when coming to the Festus Main Street to have that charming, downtown, small town experience. Exposed brick walls, reclaimed wood floors, old-fashioned wood bars and antique wood barrels are reflective of the late 1800’s era of when the brick structure was built.

In addition to the rustic and entertaining environment, there are plenty of distinctive products to peruse and purchase for that one-of-a-kind gift to treat yourself or others.

This is another non-paid endorsement for a yet another fantastic Festus-area find! I encourage you to also support our locally-owned establishments, while creating a memorable experience in doing so. I hope you take advantage of this itty-bitty break from your routine to create a deliciously sweet memory.

Pine Mountain Country Coffee House & Mercantile

37 East Main Street, Festus, MO


As an add on, a Festus resident recently reached out to me to request I provide an extra public praise to the Pine Mountain Team for being so great about allergy-friendly /dairy and nut-free options. She said, “The girls at night are the ones who remember my daughter, and the second we walk in, they are washing a scoop for her. There’s a gal with green in her hair that my daughter just loves. They really make us feel like it’s ok, and not a burden.”

I love this compassionate attention to details/feelings.

Check out a super cool dude who met up with me at Pine Mountain:

Interview with Local Entrepreneur/Musician/Helper: Joshua Eaker 

Another fun place to experience on our historic and charming Festus Main Street:

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