Receive All That Is Required


What if we didn’t need to feel any pressure on making “good” or “bad” choices? 

What if everything worked out? 

What if we received everything we require to live OUR life?

What if we have actually always received everything we required to live the purposeful life WE were meant to live? 

What if everything actually happens exactly the way it is supposed to?

Perhaps we can take a reflective moment out to think about why something was meant for US?

What if the exact signs, advice, people, opportunities, events, and connections showed up exactly when we needed it because it is actually required for us to receive it, EVEN when we do not understand why in that moment? 

What if this revised perspective shift allowed you to feel more peaceful and at ease, knowing that you will be taken care of.

What if everything will work out for you to receive all that is required for YOU?

What would it feel like to relax a little more as you allow all that is required to flow into your life? 

Perhaps we can fly like a bee. Maybe we are even a hungry or a busy itty-bitty bee and, woah…out of nowhere, the perfect flower, or weed, shows up in our path to provide the precise nourishment we need and require, at the precise time we need it. 

We receive this unplanned gift with gratitude.

This is a non-paid endorsement inviting you to relax into these questions as you reflect on the requirements you have received in your life.

Please share this with someone who might need a little sign, or a revised perspective, to feel better about their situation. Perhaps it will be just the thing that was required for them to receive, at the precise time they need it. 

As always, your insights are welcome within the comments on social media. Transformation stories are helpful to all of us. Stories help us to connect as we support our own journey, and the journey of others.

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