Rosanne LeBaige – Leaning Into Brave Stories to Heal and Connect

Rosanne LeBaige in Festus, MO

Puzzle pieces are unique shapes, valuable in their own right, but even more valuable when they are connected to collectively create a piece of art. 

Individual souls and stories are a lot like puzzle pieces: beautiful and unique in their own right, but potentially even more valuable when they are connected with other people’s stories. 

It is within the depth of these connections that create the beauty in our relationships, like art in our life. 

When one has a puzzle piece from the past, or present, that includes an experience with adoption, it is not always an easy thing to connect with others on.

One brave Festus, Missouri woman was looking to connect pieces of her past, present, and future story with adoption together.

Rosanne LeBaige has taken time to process her puzzle pieces of her past experiences to articulate them in a written form. In talking with others, she realized there was a need for others to also connect through sharing their story, as well. 

Rosanne is one of many authors who worked together to create the book, Puzzle Pieces of My Heart – Our Stories of Adoption.

Rosanne self-published the book in 2021 with Trinity Publishing. Rosanne is on a mission to get these family-focused stories into the hands of those who are looking for hope, healing, and connection.

This heartwarming book genuinely connects so many engaging and emotional stories together. The many chapters share multiple perspectives of numerous people who bravely unpack their adoption experience. 

While each person had a different motive for doing so, all shared a common goal to share and connect on a deeper level. With this, some released heavy burdens, judgment, shame, and guilt. 

Some shared their liberation with their newfound openness. Some shared itty-bitty nuggets of how they now live their life on a new path, which might not have been part of their initial plan. 

All share their own truth of how adoption has impacted their life.

Regardless if someone can relate with an adoption story, or not, reading this book inspires anyone to reflect on their own puzzle piece experiences that make up the bigger story of the life we live. 

This is a non-paid endorsement, encouraging you to be proud of your unique puzzle piece story as you seek out opportunities to connect with others to create the beautiful and artistic bond of collective connection.

In addition to inviting people to read the stories within her book, Rosanne is helping to inspire connection in a verbal way as she welcomes opportunities to speak about any of these topics. 

While Rosanne now lives in Festus, she is a transplant to this area, like me. She would like to be more connected within our community as she grows her roots here. 

Might you invite Rosanne into your circle or group?

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Rosanne Thomas LeBaige

I love how transformative stories can be. In fact, this is one way I feel I can offer my service to our world…to help shine the light on someone’s story. Have you thought about offering a service to our world? Reflect more with this exercise:

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