Reconnect at Rusted Spur Stables – A Sanctuary to Reset, Restore, and Recharge 

Melissa James and Willow at Rusted Spur Stables

This summer, many people are looking for outdoor adventures, particularly with their teens, while they still have summers together.

If this sounds like you and you are looking to reconnect with your adolescent/teen (ages 12 and up), yourself, and/or your partner, you are invited to slow down and spend time in a sacred sanctuary with horses who have the power to heal.

Regardless of our age, occupation, experiences, or chapter of life, we are continually learning new ways to cope, heal, interact, relieve stress, and sometimes even escape the real world. 

Melissa James, owner of Rusted Spur Stables, is on a mission to share a simple, serene way to heal from the inside out. She has dedicated her life to helping people physically and emotionally reset so they can flow into the next level of transformation on their healing path. 

Why would any of us need to heal or need to escape our own reality?

Perhaps we are traumatized, angry, stressed, anxious, or confused. Perhaps we are lonely or disconnected. Maybe there is some itty-bitty part of us that is yearning for more, or craving less. 

Or, maybe we are just numb, too neutral, too stagnant, and need a little more life in our life. 

The range of emotions and needs for why one may need to reset, restore, or recharge is infinite; yet, being in the glory of nature within the presence of majestic creatures, with an open mind to explore a different way to heal, could be a solution for any/all of us.

Rusted Spur Stables is a local retreat/sanctuary to support you, all of you, when you need to reboot and reset. No judgment, all emotions are welcome.  

This is a unique place in both the environment, and within the program that Melissa has created. She has a strategic and proven curriculum to work with individuals and couples through a non-riding experience with her gentle horses. She provides education, tools, and an opportunity to allow people to work with themselves, others, and the horses through specific challenges and obstacles. 

This solution-based program is remarkably healing on many levels, within one’s self, and within the relationship of those who are working together. Pair this with the horses who help to heal and you have a restorative recipe to reset.

Melissa knows all too well about restoring and healing. When she is not helping people heal within the capacity of her horse program within her haven, she is a full-time registered nurse. She, also, has been helped by her horses and is passionate to spread this healing to others. As someone who is in the medical industry, she believes in the power of medications; however, simply masking to numb is not a way to get to the core, emotional root of what needs to be healed. She invites people to make a different choice, and to be aware that there are alternative options to unwind, reconnect, find answers, and heal.

Melissa believes in a holistic shift in the energy within us, in order to heal in an alternative way. Melissa’s equine wellness program at Rusted Spur Stables offers you this alternative choice to transform, reset, restore, and recharge.

This is a non-paid endorsement encouraging you to explore this rejuvenating program, and the James’ 40-acre land sanctuary which includes fruit trees, gazebos, barns, three horses, and a 4-acre lake, stocked with fish. 

Rusted Spur Stables

Equine Wellness…

“Horses helped me through the pandemic and I know they can relieve your stress.” 

  • Melissa James 

7954 Tower Rd., Hillsboro, MO



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