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Being a transplant to Festus, Missouri, I was craving the information to learn about the people and places to explore within this area. 

I wanted to get out and about to make this place my home, but I struggled to find information about events, businesses, people, nonprofit organizations, and just having fun. 

I wanted to get involved, but I could not find any one, unbiased, convenient place to look up the information that I was seeking quickly and easily, on my phone.

I was NOT just looking to Google a particular industry or profession, I was looking to LEARN about the people and places who made up the culture within this new place that I was calling home. I wanted to start making friends, or at least feel like I knew people around here. 

Therefore, I decided I was going to create the solution, or at least a solution for me. 

I decided to get out and about to meet people, learn about them, ask questions, and connect. 

In turn, to help others in my situation, I shared my stories and experiences with the world, on social media, and within the creation of the website. 

People were instantly attracted to it, loving it, and asking for more stories on this positive, uplifting, engaging website, conveniently accessible on a smartphone.

I have now made it my mission to proudly connect people and create community, one story at a time.



I connect with all the people who live, work, play, visit, and travel through the Festus, Missouri area.

Whether someone is a business owner, nonprofit founder, resident, or visitor, I connect with the people who care about the community that is being cultivated here. 

Community is created by the relationships within the people who live there.

The depth within any relationship is strong when people are able to connect with another in an authentic way. 

Stories have the power to evoke this kind of emotion and invite in this kind of strong connection. 

I am honored to present this platform, for all the people to reference this robust resource guide for what to explore and experience within OurFESTUS area community, while infusing an itty-bitty dose of inspiration and encouragement along the way.



By sharing stories and creating this opportunity for people to conveniently connect in a comforting way, this supports everyone. 

This style of communication connects with a reader so that they can be informed, educated, and learn with something that is unknown to them, or to develop a greater appreciation for a person or place within our community.

These stories support the brave business owners, courageous entrepreneurs, and passionate nonprofit founders to give them an opportunity to truly allow people to get to know them. 

This gives them a chance to share the solutions they offer.

They are able to tell people specifically what products and services they offer, and why they are unique.

They can articulate their beliefs and values to relate with others. 

Their story connects with a reader by engaging with them to let them know why they started, what keeps them showing up every day, and what their ultimate mission is. 

This communication for the reader, AND the storyteller, allows support to go both ways.

It encourages everyone to share, connect, and support so that people are seen, known, understood, respected, trusted, and loved.

When everyone is able to do this, it creates an optimistic and aligned ENERGY within this community, igniting our economy, and helping everyone to THRIVE as they live, work, play, visit, and travel through the Festus, Missouri area. 

It helps us ALL to feel that we BELONG, and that we are truly at home, in this place we call home

I love to carry forth this positive energy, and a real solution, that connects people and creates community, one story at a time.



I am also on several social media channels:




✔️X (formally known as Twitter)

✔️Google Plus

I am particularly more active on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn lately. 

I am always excited to meet new people and continue to nourish the relationships that I have started, always deepening my transplanted roots here.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions.

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