Squirrel in Festus, MO

“What I am seeking seeks me.”

 – Rumi 


Within this new year, and within this new month, might we consider tuning into a new belief; or, perhaps a revitalized belief that all we are wanting, needing, desiring, craving…seeking…will come back to us?

Might we be open to believing in the power of attracting that feeling, thing, person, outcome, ___________ (you fill in the blank of what you seek)?

Perhaps we are our own powerhouse of energy to create that which we are seeking.

…Good or bad…

…Positive or negative… 

If what we are wanting, needing, desiring, craving, and seeking comes from a genuine place of pure, positive energy, fueled by love, could that pure, genuine, positive, loving energy seek US out?

On the contrary, if there are negative, criticizing, pessimistic thoughts within us, could that energy come back, as well?

Whether you believe in a higher power, the law of attraction, manifesting, or perhaps none of this, have you ever experienced how the energy you cultivate and emit comes back to you? 

Do you believe that…

What you appreciate (positive or negative) appreciates?

What you think about, you bring about?

What you seek seeks you?


Within this new year, and within this new month, I am going to be very diligent with all that I am seeking.

I am going to be deliberate that my thoughts and actions come from a genuine place of pure, positive love.

I am going to BELIEVE that all the itty-bitty aspects of what I seek will seek me out.

This is a non-paid endorsement wishing you moments to reflect on what you are seeking, why you were seeking it, and consider the possibility that what you are seeking may also be seeking you.

This is a really fun and interesting topic. I am oh-so curious about your take/insights. Please, please share and connect on social media: Do you believe the energy we create has power to return to us, like a boomerang, mirror, or a magnet?

I chose these recent pictures of a squirrel in my Festus neighborhood. So often I witness squirrels being so energetic, busy, and active in the pursuit of seeking out and eating food, running around and, well, just being squirrelly. This particular critter chose to seek out soaking in the sun. She relished in relaxation, likely seeking a break from the tireless squirrel life. I can only imagine that the sun, and this warm place to take a break, was welcoming…seeking the squirrel out when she needed it the most.

What do you seek…that you need the most right now?

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