Simplicity of Connection

Moth in Festus, MO

As it starts, and as it ends, it all comes down to all of us needing/wanting/craving two things out of this life:

– to feel joy 

– to avoid suffering

We all have this common thread, all of us who are alive. The factors and definitions of joy and avoidance are different for each individual; however, but we can connect on these two life truisms. 

As you interact with yourself, itty-bitty critters in nature, your loved ones and strangers, I invite you to be curious on what may be going on for them, in their search for finding their own joy and avoiding their own suffering. It is always interesting when we take time out to be curious about our own definitions of these two aspects within our own perspective.

There can be simplicity in connecting with ourselves, others, and in our world. While each of us has a different story to tell, the range of our emotions and feelings can be similar.

Our similarities outweigh our differences. It may not always be easy to connect, but there can be a simplicity in it. 

“We can often misunderstand the value of an experience. The experience is shaped more by who we are than by what it is.”

  • Susan Pierce Thompson

If this resonated with you, perhaps it will with someone you share it with, as well. Thank you. Wishing you simple moments to connect today.

These pictures are of a wounded moth in my Festus, MO neighborhood. I did not know how to help it, except to use a leaf to gently move it out of the road. 

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