Small Business Spotlight: On Pointe Dancewear LLC

On Pointe Dancewear LLC

When I was a little girl, I had a colorful jewelry box with an itty-bitty silver crank on the back. When you would wind up the crank and open the box, delightful music would play while a tiny ballerina would gracefully spin to the pleasant song. Her delicate arms raised above her head while her soft white tutu spun in motion to the melody.

This was a treasure box to keep my precious things: shiny jewelry, memorable seashells, miniature toys and more. I was never a ballerina, but this was a magical box for a dreamer.

If one could emulate a real-life jewelry box that contained special gems and lovely things, it would likely look like On Pointe Dancewear LLC (OPD).

I recently visited their store as my daughter needed shoes for her upcoming dance competition season. Slightly outside of the Festus, Missouri area, located in the Telegraph South Center at 4236 Telegraph Rd, St. Louis, MO 63129, OPD is a locally owned and operated small business. They sell dance and other athletic gear, such as shoes, clothing, travel bags, accessories and more. They provide specialty services such as embroidery and rhinestone application, alterations, screen printing and more. 

Their team was knowledgeable and educational, which was helpful to this mom who is new to the world of competition dance. Shawn was wearing a cool “Shop Small” shirt and ensured my daughter had shoes that fit perfectly. Sam was equally polite at the register, offering a piece of candy to each of my children and offering up details of their rewards program (10% off every $100 purchase).

OPD has many other unique and precious gifts for any little (or big) dancer or dreamer in your life. This is an unpaid endorsement, encouraging you to “Shop Small,” support our locally-owned businesses and step into OPD to remember how good it feels to dream.

On Pointe Dancewear

Telegraph South Center

4236 Telegraph Road

St. Louis, MO 63129

If you are traveling outside of Festus, going north, enjoy a drink or meal at:

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