Soaking in Drops of Stillness

Festus, MO plant

If you have on the GO…with events, festivities, activities, and gatherings…you may be feeling a little depleted, while feeling nourished and full at the same time.

…insert exhale…

While holidays, events, and family time are magical and memorable, they naturally can create “PECS”…Post Event Collapse Syndrome…for even the most energetic soul.

During this post-holiday Sunday/week, I would like to extend a gentle reminder that you are allowed to rest. It is okay to put the to-do list aside, eat the frozen pizza, veg out on your favorite binge-worthy show, or dive into reading that juicy novel. I bet the laundry can be folded another day; and the weeds told me they would rather be pulled out on another day anyway.

While counterintuitive, there is power in slowing down to be more effective and efficient in the future. You will figure out when to complete those tasks another time.

You always do. It always gets done.

Wishing your mind and body the ability to absorb the peace you need to recharge to energetically look forward to a joyous July.

Soak in the itty-bitty drops of nourishing stillness to rehydrate and refuel your soul.

Thank you for sharing this encouragement and support to another.

Sometimes we can all benefit from exhaling to feel more clear:

Coffee Maker Clean Out

One place you can go to be still and literally soak in drops of goodness into your system:

My IV Hydration Infusion at Balanced Wellness in Crystal City, MO

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