Strength in Maintaining our Structure

Coastline of Ocho Rios, Jamaica

I love admiring structures and houses that reside on coastlines. Whether I am on a boat or walking along a shore of a river, lake or ocean, I always observe the differences in how a structure is withstanding the water. Some homes are beautifully immaculate and strong, while others are falling down, decrepit, and likely unsafe.

There are many similarities to correlate between the structure and foundation of a house built on water and the structure and foundation of the identity we uphold in our life, both personally and professionally.

Imagine a house on the water. The pillars are our core values, our non-negotiable factors that create our personal structure/our identity. This needs to strong to stand the test of time with the ebbs and flows of the waves, in times of calmness and storms that occur in our life. As within true home/structure maintenance, our pillars/identity also need to be maintained.

Our “maintenance habits” are needed to support and protect the foundation of our desired identity. It is within the itty-bitty, consistent habits, when we intentionally examine our structure by checking in and taking action, that ensure the pillars stay strong. Having a strong identity and a solid structure is not always easy. Perhaps it is because maintaining it, and developing habits that stick, can take extra time and energy.

However, isn’t it worth it to claim and own a structure to live in – where you can admire and love the ebbs and flows of the moving water around you, having confidence and peace of mind that you can withstand, or even enjoy, the storms?

Being around like-minded people, within a community, can help to strengthen structures. The Festus-area community is a safe and loving place to live in to nourish your authentic identity. We support the habits that protect and maintain who you are.

When you reflect on the “pillars” of your identity, do you have conscious or subconscious habits that maintain and protect your values/who you are?

Is there anything you can do to maintain your structure to gain more peace of mind to safely withstand the next storm?

We would love to learn from you. As always, if this resonated with you, please share it to help others.

Wishing you momentum on this Monday to start, or continue, those maintenance habits so you can be proud of your strong, structured identity.

These pictures were taken along the coastline of Ocho Rios, Jamaica in March, 2023.

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