Strong Outer Shells Covering Soft Inner Souls 

A turtle in Festus, MO

Most of us are similar to turtles, in the way we show up in this world.

We all have strong, hard shells on the outside, what the world sees.

We often seem invincible, but we are soft on the inside.

With so much complexity in this world, we are susceptible to being crushed.

While sometimes we feel indestructible, sometimes we hear or perceive itty-bitty, or big, things that may crush our soul, even if the world is unaware of our hurt.

If your inner soul has been crushed by another, perhaps their inner soul is craving more love.

Perhaps this need for love stems from one, or a combination of situations?


  • They are jealous and insecure? Perhaps they view you, or another, as a threat?
  • They are hurt and emitting more negativity and THEIR hurt onto you, and into the universe?
  • They have learned this type of behavior, of negatively interacting and communicating from someone else? This is what they know. This is how they have learned to operate, and cope?
  • They are suffering from a mental illness, and/or struggling with some sort of substance addiction/detox on a physical/biological level?
  • Who knows?

Within any of these situations, there is an invitation to hold that person in a tender place, within our own inner hearts and souls.

When we witness or feel negativity from another, perhaps we can be curious about their inner soul and have compassion for what they may be going through. This is not an easy task; however, sending them extra healing, energy, love, and vibes so they can feel the peace and love within them may actually help you feel more peaceful and loving, as well. 

No matter how strong, tough, and indestructible we all seem, remember, we each have a soft inner soul who wants to be loved.

This is a non-paid endorsement, inviting you to be curious about others, as I send you healing energy, love, and peaceful vibes. 

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