Surprise Serendipity at Savannah’s

Sara, Nicole, Ben & J.P. at Savannah's in Pevely, MO

Within your busy, bustling schedule, do you leave space for serendipity?

Do you leave margin for mini miracles to unfold within your day?

Doing so can create an itty-bitty, sparkling sense of wonder.

I encountered a serendipitous surprise when I walked through the doors of Savannah’s Coffee Corral this morning.

I was there, excited to meet with the sparkling Nicole Tucker of Enterprise Bank & Trust. As I walked through the doors of this convenient and comforting local coffee shop, I was immediately welcomed with a warm hug from Ben Brown of Economic Development Corporation of Jefferson County. He was meeting with J.P. Jercinovic of Midwest BankCentre. Ben introduced J.P. to Nicole and I. The four of us instantly connected.

We all smiled with gratitude for with the sweetest, most serendipitous surprise interactions.

We all allowed time to be our friend, not our enemy, as we playfully talked and laughed, allowing the surprise conversations to enhance our day.

This is a non-paid endorsement, encouraging you to give yourself time, grace, and space within your schedule to invite surprise serendipity into your life. You just never know what sparkling, chance interactions will do to enhance your day.

Our mornings were also enhanced by the scrumptious tea, coffee, sweet treats, and personable service within the beautiful space of Savannah’s Coffee Corral in Pevely, Missouri. They are family owned and operated, sharing their house-made creations, as they connect the community with talented artists, and support everything local.

Savannah’s Coffee Corral

8715 Commercial Blvd

Pevely, MO 63070



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