Take a Break at B&B Theatres in Festus, MO

B&B Theatres Festus 8 Cinema
Within this busy, bustling moments of our lives, I invite you to take a break from reality and treat yourself to the magic of the movies. 
There are so many fantastic features at our local B&B Theatres Festus 8 Cinema:
  • Online ordering for movie tickets/booking your desired seats in advance is a game changer for planning and safeguarding your seat placement. Speaking of seats…the heated and reclining seats at B&B are so comfortable. We all bring our own blankets to get cozy to really savor the show.


  • B&B Theaters is a family-owned, Missouri-based company. B&B partners with the nonprofit organization: Variety, which helps children who are sick, disadvantaged, or living with a disability. While we have not used these, Variety/B&B offers Sensory Backpack kits to check out for children who may have a sensitivity in a movie theater. B&B also offers Sensory-Friendly films with adjustments to lighting and sound for the theater environment.


  • The B&B staff is always friendly, the popcorn is fresh, and everything is clean.


  • They have a spacious reception area, stocked with a full bar, fun board games, and high-top tables to sit at.

Whether you are by yourself, on a date night, or are looking for an indoor family activity when the Missouri weather is not cooperating,  I encourage you to treat yourself to experiencing a movie in a movie theater. 

 Allow yourself to have an itty-bitty break, an escape from your bustling world, to enjoy someone else’s storyline for a couple of hours.

This is another non-paid endorsement, inviting you to take time out for a break while you support our local Festus businesses.

What is your favorite movie that you viewed recently in a movie theater?
Or, what movie are you excited to see in the future?
Please share on social media!

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1522 Parkway West
Festus, MO
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B&B Theatres made the list of my family’s:
Another fun, indoor Festus place to escape reality:

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