Taytro’s Bar & Bistro

Taytro's Bar & Bistro in Festus, MO

Taytro’s Bar and Bistro is truly a triple threat for one’s dining experience as they offer:

– Tasty, scrumptious food and delectable drinks

– Tremendous, gracious service

– Talented, brilliant local artists who entertain with fun live music and inspire with their artwork

We had a blast at Taytro’s last night, loving their delicious dinner special while singing along to local musician, Josh Eaker Just Joshin’ Around. Mr. Eaker provided an upbeat, yet chill enhancement to the overall fun ambience. 

We sat at the bar where people were having a friendly itty-bitty debate over sports/TV stations… to watch last night’s NFL game or the St. Louis Blues hockey game. Fortunately, they have several large TV screens to satisfy all sports fans. 

While everyone who works at Taytro’s is fantastic, a special shout out, and thank you, goes to their sweet, creative and outgoing Bar Manager, Johnny (who is also a gifted musician, himself, in his band:  The Patio Cats).

Taytro’s schedule of live music from Missouri musicians is posted. I also noticed the new artwork hung in the women’s restroom, created by local women artists. How cool is this!? 

Does anyone know who these artists are?

Whether you are out solo, on a date night, catching up with old friends, curious to meet new people (hello to Kathy and Sydney from last night!), wanting a family dinner out with young kiddos, teenagers, or seniors in your life; or if you need space for a larger group/having a party (they have two private banquet rooms), please check them out. You will not be disappointed. Taytro’s is the perfect venue to feel satiated, alive, artistic and connected.

This is another non-paid endorsement of one of my favorite establishments in Festus, Missouri, located at 331 North Creek Drive.

Taytro’s Bar and Bistro

Just Joshin’ Around

Check out my write up on Mr. Eaker:

Interview with Local Entrepreneur/Musician/Helper: Joshua Eaker 

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