The Aunt Rose Project Provides Protection

Renee Gerlach, founder of the non-profit organization, The Aunt Rose Project

All girls want and need to feel safe and protected, emotionally and physically. Unfortunately, many adolescent girls within foster care do not feel this type of protection. Adults have failed to protect them emotionally and physically. Consequently, many lack the education and actual products they need to protect themselves during this special season of their life. 

While their time within foster care may be temporary, adolescent girls require the education and protection for their new, regular monthly cycle. While this is not something many of us want to think or read about, girls within our community are dealing with this and, simply put, they do not know what they are dealing with.

Renee Gerlach, founder of the non-profit organization, The Aunt Rose Projectrecognized there was a desperate need for girls to learn how to deal and protect themselves during a new life chapter.

Seven years ago, she decided to start a new project herself, collecting around 1,000 feminine hygiene products for girls in Jefferson County. Now, her impressive passion project has now grown, with her organization now donating around 21,000 products this year! 

Throughout her years of giving back, Renee has partnered with a variety of other impactful non-profit organizations and schools to understand the needs of young girls in our area. Not only were these little ladies lacking the physical products they needed to protect themselves during that time of the month, they were lacking the education on how to protect themselves. 

In addition to donating a variety of feminine hygiene products, The Aunt Rose Project proudly donates a variety of fun and informative books about the many itty-bitty, and big, changes a girl experiences through this transitional phase.

Renee Gerlach, founder of the non-profit organization, The Aunt Rose Project with Amy Baum at a Twin City Area Optimist Club meeting at Taylor’s Bar and Bistro in Festus, Missouri.

While it may seem like it was a lifetime ago, we were all in that uncomfortable, awkward, vulnerable, and transitional phase at one point in our life when we needed a little extra protection. 

Renee’s passion and dedication to help create the most positive experience throughout so many transitional life phases has positively impacted countless girls within our community. 

She invites the community to help enhance the impact by supporting this important initiative. This is a non-paid endorsement, encouraging you to learn more about The Aunt Rose Project, as well as the several local businesses where you can easily and conveniently drop off your donated products.

By supporting the youth children in our community, we have the power to help one another feel protected, in ways we may not even realize.

By sharing this story/link, we have the power to enhance the impact of this incredible initiative. 

The Aunt Rose Project

We work with non-profits in Jefferson County, MO to provide free period products to girls in need.

(636) 942-4245

Renee and I met at:

Twin City Area Optimist Club

Amy Baum is pictured above. She also helps with another incredibly impactful local non-profit organization:

All For Family – All For Shifting Perspectives

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