The Festus Public Library

Festus Public Library in Festus, MO

With your personality, do you identify as someone who knows what you want and need? Or, do you find yourself more curious and open to what “finds” you? For example, when you go into a store, or shop online, do you know exactly what you want or do you like to peruse and shop around until something “speaks” to you? Regardless of your personality type, or how you make your decisions, the Festus Public Library has something for you. They provide what you know you need, offer opportunities to explore…and probably have even more than you realized!

With an extensive online library, and within the physical library building, people of all ages and personality types win. You have the power to pick out exactly what you want or have an exciting element of surprise to wander the shelves and invite a book to choose you. Libraries hold wisdom and hope, encouraging learners to escape, dream and reflect.

In addition to checking out books and media online and in person, there are a variety of resources and events available for members. Use their computers for learning, studying and printing. Attend story time with your itty-bitty toddler, connect with others in a thought-provoking book club, tune into music with the ukulele club, interact with a sweet therapy dog and do so much more.

Allow your child to read and play in the fun children’s area while you explore unique items to check out such as movies, audiobooks, magazines, fishing poles, telescopes, binoculars, ping-pong sets and countless other games and hands-on activities for you to take home. They also help with passports and have shelves of super affordable books to purchase for very low prices (as low as $0.25).

The Festus Public library offers free Wi-Fi within its large and beautifully-decorated space. They have meeting and educational rooms, and sections with cozy chairs to relax or interact with others. Membership is free for residents who live in the City of Festus. If you are live outside of the city limits, the cost is only $30 per year for a family membership. Membership also includes access to several other local libraries. If the Festus location does not currently have what you are looking for, you can make a request and they can likely get it for you.

This is a nonpaid endorsement encouraging you to check out our fabulous Festus Public Library to see what a valuable and resourceful place this is/all they have to offer, for any personality type.

…And if you do not know what kind of person you are/want to learn more about yourself/personality types, I bet they have a book or audiobook for that. Enjoy!

400 West Main Street

Festus, MO 63028


Hungry after all that exploring? Main & Mill Brewing Company is within walking distance:

Main & Mill Brewing Company on Our Charming & Historic Festus Main Street

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