The Fortunes Found at China 1 in Festus 

Sara and Audrey enjoying China 1 at their Festus, MO home.

I love to dine in and explore restaurants within our local community.

I love to make it A THING… to experience all they have to offer. There are many times within this busy life, though, that I do not always want to, or have the capacity, to dine in. Within these moments, it is good to have a go-to, convenient place to call ahead and carry out food to-go. 

Takeout from a restaurant is like a fortune cookie. You may think you know what is on the inside when you crack it open, but sometimes the fortune of what you actually receive is a mystery. Fortunately, I am consistently impressed and satisfied with the fortune that China 1 provides for takeout. 

Takeout is their primary option to experience their delicious food. China 1 is located in Festus, Missouri, conveniently next to many other stores, within the hustling, bustling area off of Highway 55, close to the Veterans Boulevard exit, on West Gannon Drive.

An itty-bitty thing that always impresses me is that, despite what I may perceive as a language barrier when I call in, their team always gets our custom, substitution requests on-point. Once I am home and crack open the containers, I always internally thank them for not adding the green peppers! 

The big thing that always impresses me is how hot and fresh everything always is.

I love to get a lot of steamed vegetables and seafood.

My kiddos love to get the crispy fried spring rolls, eggrolls, crab ragoons, and chicken…and dip it all in their silky sweet-and-sour sauce.

Jason loves the spicy entrees and bounces between his favorites of General Tsos chicken and Kung Pao chicken with fried rice. 

We all feel fortunate to enjoy our favorite China 1 meals in the comfort of our own home. 

I also feel fortunate for the quantity/amount of food you get for a low price. We always have leftovers. 

Regardless if people in our family like, or choose to eat fortune cookies, or not, we have a tradition to crack those little cookies open and read the fortunes.

This is a fun way to conclude our dining experience with China 1. 

This is a non-paid endorsement, inviting you to crack open and experience the many fortunate finds by calling in and carrying out an order from China 1 in Festus. 

As always, I encourage you to share this, and your favorite food recommendations, on social media; as well as share this to spread the word about our fantastic Festus establishments. Thank you for taking the time to support the local people who work and live within our community.

1164 West Gannon Drive

Festus, MO 63028

(636) 937-8828

If you need a little permission to NOT cook, or do the dishes, you are granted that luxury!

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