The Intention Equation


Earlier this week, my son asked what the word “intention” meant.

He said he thought it was a feeling that you have. 

I concurred, and added that I believe intention combines a feeling with focus and expectation. Like an equation:





Whether it is positive, negative, or neutral, we can have an intention for anything tangible or intangible. 

We spoke that it is kind of like having a motive to move through something.

We looked out our window to see a perfect example in real time. 

The many active and clever squirrels were eating out of our bird feeders from the most precarious positions.

Regardless of how tricky it is to get the seeds out of the feeders, these Festus squirrels combine their FEELINGS of determination, and perhaps hunger, with FOCUS and an EXPECTATION to eat, to have an INTENTION of getting those itty-bitty seeds, no matter what. 

They had a driven, intentional motive that allowed them to focus on the itty-bitty prize, rather than any big, limiting fear. 

As we start a new month, perhaps we can intentionally apply this equation of a feeling with focus for an expected tangible, or intangible, outcome. 

Regardless of how tricky life can get, perhaps keeping our eye on the itty-bitty prize can help move us forward in May. 

Thank you for taking time out to share this, and/or connect in the comments on social media with your May intentions, as you support yourself, and others. 

Wishing you an intentional, mindful May. 

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