Unbelievable Mystical Magic in THE Mine at Bonne Terre

Bonne Terre Mine

When it comes to reading books, watching movies, or listening to podcasts, are you a science fiction fan? Are you into thrillers? How about someone who likes romantic novels? Self help? Regardless of what kind of genre you gravitate toward, the common theme we all crave is a desire to escape. We invite in words, sounds, and experiences that escalate our senses to escape from our real world.

If you are looking to create a REAL escape from the reality of your physical real world, beyond a book or screen, I invite you to explore the unbelievable, mystical, and magical “The Mine at Bonne Terre.” 

Imagine escaping to an underground world that escalates all of your senses. As you walk down the stairs, into a mystical world, your energy transforms to feel into the wonders of nature. From the earthy scent to the warm temperature to the expansive sights to the water sounds to the rocky and smooth textures, there is unbelievable, mystical magic to savor. 

Equally magical are the tour guides who educate guests, allowing curious minds to learn about the history of the creation of this mystical space. 

This is a non-paid endorsement encouraging you to escape to the unbelievably mystical and magical Mine at Bonne Terre to escape your real-life world as you travel into this real, fantasy-like underground world. 

Please share on social media what kind of vibe you feel after your experience. Were you feeling into a world of science fiction, thriller, romance, or self-help within this magical underground escape? 

Any kind of energy is available for you there! 

When you share your itty-bitty ideas, it connects and supports all of us in a BIG, magical way. You are impacting the connected culture we are creating within the OurFESTUS-area community.

The Mine at Bonne Terre is 25 miles south of Festus, Missouri. In addition to the tours, you can also scuba dive! Before or after your mystically magical mine experience, enjoy their eclectic general store, filled with historical relics and treasures to purchase.

May you treasure this special time.

The Mine at Bonne Terre

Bonne Terre Mine

185 Park Ave, Bonne Terre, MO 63628


My pictures were from an unbelievable fourth grade field trip that I was fortunate to attend. Check out where we went afterwards to continue our fun, magical experience:

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Our local library is the perfect, most magical place to escape to experience resources that invite you into the world of science fiction, thriller, romance, or self-help. Check them out…and literally check out these resources:

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