The Well-Rounded Team at Waites Financial Services has MOVED to Festus!

The Well-Rounded Team at Waites Financial Services

Congratulations to the Waites Financial Services team on their recent relocation.

They shared on Waites Financial Services:

We are excited to announce that 1552 Natchez Dr., Festus, MO 63028 is the new home of Waites Financial Services.

Located next to True Title Company on the corner of Pounds and Natchez.

This big and exciting change is just the first of many.

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates.

Note: This does not affect how we service our clients. We will only continue to improve and better serve you. Please call our office if you have any questions: 636-931-2032.

Learn how this well-rounded, educated, and extremely talented team assists people with insurance, financial services, investing, and so much more.


Please continue reading to read my original write up/interview when they were still at their Crystal City location: ⚖️?⏳?

When you are looking for advice from a coach, mentor, expert, or professional in a field, do you tend to choose someone a bit older, with years of experience…or someone younger with a fresh perspective of the latest and the greatest in the industry? There is a long list of benefits to working with both. Undoubtedly, the best scenario is to find a team with a mix of young and old, combining wisdom WITH a modern approach. You will find this dynamic and energy with Bryan Waites, Financial Professional, and Ali Waites, Registered Assistant, the father and daughter team, who merge their skills at Waites Financial Services.

Add in Heather, who has also been a team member for seven years, AND their “Circle of Partners,” and you have a well-rounded, educated and extremely talented group who assist people with insurance, financial services, investing, and so much more.

Bryan has been in business, serving the good people of our Festus-area community for over 30 years! He built his business from the ground up, starting with a landline phone, on an itty-bitty desk, in a small apartment, with a list of 100 names to make phone calls. From this humble beginning, he developed relationships one person at a time. His longevity and communal respect is a testimony of his dedication and trustworthiness. He has instilled these values to his daughter, Ali, as well. 

Ali recently joined the Waites Financial Services team. While newer to the financial services industry, she is not new to providing education to help people with their goals. With a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and a Master’s degree in Health Informatics, she has spent many years developing relationships herself, working with people to achieve their fitness and health goals, training and working with them every step of the way. Her love of people and her passion to support them as they progress along their journey is evident within her enthusiastic demeanor. Her expertise is transferable, as she now helps people along their financial health path. 

Regardless of where you are on your financial health journey, Bryan, Ali and Heather invite you to reach out to them. Sometimes it just takes a conversation to learn more. Perhaps you are overwhelmed or confused with where to start? Maybe you are doing well and would like some validation that you are on track? Could you benefit from making changes or upleveling your situation? Who knows? 


The Waites Financial Services team are all non-judgemental listeners. In addition to this energetic comfort, paired with their education and experience, they are not locked into selling any one type of product. They work with several reputable companies to ensure they are able to find a product and plan, with a price point that aligns with each individual, family, and business objective.

As previously mentioned, they are also aligned with a “Circle of Partners,” an extension of their helpful team. This is a list of trusted, local business owners, in a variety of industries, who offer their services within any life chapter. The Waites Financial Services team has built relationships with accountants, mortgage brokers, realtors, lawyers, and more. 

Simply making a phone call or sending an email to the Waites Financial Services team can be your first step to something better.

This is a non-paid endorsement, inviting you to connect with the diverse and well-rounded team at Waites Financial Services. There is no end to how much we can uplevel to improve ourselves and our situation.

Waites Financial Services

Bringing a TEAM approach to help face your business and family needs.

Now at: 1552 Natchez Dr., Festus, MO 63028

(636) 931-2032

Ali Taylor, Waites Financial Services

(314) 471-4325

This testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other customers and this testimonial is not a guarantee a future performance or success.

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Their new location is close to:

The Pasta House Co. in Festus, MO


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