Three Components to Self-Compassion


Like any aspect of personal development, there are layers to learning. I have been studying three different aspects to self-compassion:

  1. Sweet self-talk. Being gentle with how you label, judge, comment and praise yourself. We have all been known to be our own worst critics; however, we can work to “talk” to ourselves like we talk to someone we love and respect.
  2. Recognize our shared humanity and relatability with others. We are not bad or different. We are one of many. When we share our vulnerability with others, we discover everyone else also struggles like we do. When we lean in, we receive the reinforcement we need to activate the feeling of being connected within a community. That connection generates a sense of safety and a trust with others and within ourselves.
  1. Mindfulness to adapt and use strategies to shape our mind for long-lasting change. Shifting to having neutrality in our thinking minimizes the constant drama, chatter and negative associations. When we are aware of the mental power we have to make itty-bitty thought-adjustments, we build on an identity of someone who is compassionate and kind to ourselves.

It takes courage and willingness to change. It is not always easy to let go of the old. When we dedicate time to practice these three elements of self-compassion, we allow positive energy to slowly transform us into better versions of ourselves.

As this month and season change, are you making any efforts to be more compassionate to yourself?

Your Festus-area community is here for you and we would love help you along the way. As always, please share your thoughts here and/or share this with others.

Another way we can be gentle with ourself is to understand the chapter of life we are in:

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