9th Anniversary of Tuesday Night Ride

June 13, 2023 Tuesday Night Ride Riders at Main & Mill in Festus, MO

June 11th, 2024 marked the 9th Anniversary Tuesday Night Ride (TNR).

Per local leader and one of the original Tuesday Night Ridge founders, Andy Held,

“Tuesday Night Ride is an all-inclusive event for cyclists of all abilities to enjoy cycling and connect with our community.

On Thursday night, June 11th, we’re celebrating nine years of our ride around the county, starting at Main & Mill. 

It’s pedal off at 5:30 PM from Main and Mill. The flagship route is about 28miles which goes to the Historic Sandy Creek Covered Bridge. There will be a shorter route of about 14 miles, as well. I anticipate between 50 and 60 cyclists, maybe more. Parking for this event will be in the Festus Public Library parking lot just up the road. 

Each week, we explore different routes and visit various local establishments, showcasing the amazing scenery, hills, businesses, and restaurants in our county. Come ride with us and discover the best our community has to offer!”

Whether you want to ride or just cheer on these cyclists before or after, you are invited!

Learn about the 8th Anniversary to feel the vibe of this group:

Tuesday, June 13, 2023 was a milestone evening. Festus-area bike enthusiasts and supporters gathered at Main & Mill Brewing Company to start a 28-mile bicycle ride to the Sandy Creek Covered Bridge State Historic Site and return back to Main & Mill. This was the 8th Anniversary where a group gathered for a “Tuesday Night Ride.”

Andy Held & Sara Plew

I was invited by local leader, celebrity and karaoke King, Andy Held, to see what it was all about.

As soon as I showed up, I was immediately greeted and welcomed. People did not know me, but all were eager to express their excitement about this weekly event. Many professed it is the highlight of their week. Others were enthusiastic to say how fun and supportive this group is, even when they can only attend once in a while. I did not bring my bike. I was there to observe and, while I love to bike and was extremely interested, I was immensely nervous and perhaps just an itty-bitty bit intimidated/held back by my own self-doubt.

There was genuine assurance from every single soul who I spoke with that all experience levels are welcome and no one is ever left behind. My inner critic relaxed and I could feel the calm, casual energy as everyone congregated. The participants riding were of all ages, in different professions and life chapters, riding on a variety of bike brand and styles, all coming together to enjoy…

…time together…

…time to tune in…or out…

…time to be physical…

…time to be one with nature…

…time to experience something new…

…time to relish in the comfort of something familiar…

…time to be brave…

…time to __________

…the time spent and felt is different for everyone. Each person holds a different motive for their WHY and reason for showing up to Tuesday Night Ride.

When showing pictures of the event to my children when I got home, they asked,

“Was it a race?”

I shook my head and said, “No, it is never a race. It is always a ride.”

Such is life. It never needs to be a race. It is always a ride. Fortunately, we choose if we will show up for the ride and how we will spend our time during the ride.

Thank you, to Andy Held, and all of the Tuesday night bike riders who allowed me to learn more about this group and feel that sense of belonging that I am craving as a new person within this community.

This is a non-paid endorsement, encouraging you to explore Tuesday Night Ride and be curious about how you would like to show up and spend time on your ride of life.

Learn more about Tuesday Night Ride, as well as the training and details of an upcoming scenic Jefferson County event: Bottleneck Bridge Ride on Sunday, August 11, 2024:


Tuesday Night Ride


Bottleneck Bridge Ride

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Move Your Meal Outside & Enjoy LIVE Music at Main & Mill

More on the man, the myth, the legend, a.k.a local celebrity:

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