Tokyo Hibachi in Herculaneum, MO

Tokyo Hibachi in Herculaneum, Missouri

The weather can affect our moods and energy. On gloomy, rainy days, we may not feel as energetic and creative as we do on sunny, bright days. Thank goodness there are convenient restaurants in our Festus area to grab and go tasty takeout food.While Tokyo Hibachi has adequate space with tables for dining in, they are the perfect take-out restaurant. Tokyo Hibachi conveniently packages your meal to go.

Regardless if you are dining in, all meals are nestled in Styrofoam/plastic containers and bagged up in plastic bags, accompanied by plastic forks, ready for you to transport your meal safely home.

I have enjoyed the hibachi grilled salmon and steamed veggies, accompanied by their flavorful teriyaki sauce. In addition to other hot hibachi options, they also serve fresh sushi, filling burgers, and fun drinks.Tokyo Hibachi has been in business for about a year now and is located in the Scenic Plaza by the McNutt exit, off of 55. 

So, if Fridays/the weekend make you feel like treating yourself, but the rainy, dreary weather does not inspire you to cook, allow Tokyo Hibachi to prepare you a scrumptious meal to-go. Oh, and if you would rather stay inside your warm home (hello pajama pants and Netflix!), Tokyo Hibachi also offers DoorDash delivery.

This is a non-paid itty-bitty endorsement, encouraging you to try something new and support our local businesses.Have you tried Tokyo Hibachi yet? If so, what do you like to order/eat/drink?

1185 Scenic Dr.

Herculaneum, MO (next to Cracker Barrel, La Pachanga, behind Circle K)


Written on March 3, 2023. Above pictures from Tokyo Hibachi.

I also recommend their neighboring restaurant, in the same plaza, where we celebrated my daughter’s birthday last year:

La Pachanga Mexican Cuisine in Herculaneum, MO

Fueling with authentic food fuels the authenticity within my soul:


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