Transition Into Fall by Treating Yourself to a Festive Treat at The Corner Cup Micro Bakery

The Corner Cup Micro Bakery in Festus/Crystal City, MO

Transition into fall by treating yourself to a festive treat at The Corner Cup Micro Bakery. I had the privilege of sharing coffee over conversation with a friend there this morning. 

Despite the gloomy, rainy conditions outside, we experienced a warm and cozy retreat inside the enchanting coffee/bakery shop on our historic and charming Festus/Crystal City Main Street.

I adored the sweet and spicy “The Bee Sting” iced coffee. My friend raved about the hot “Pumpkin Bruleé” latte. We savored each drop of these delightful drinks. 

I was also delighted to have the sweetest conversation with owner, Amanda Boyer, about the new space they are creating next store. While it is currently under construction, she has exciting plans to expand. This will provide additional seating and ways people can create memorable experiences within an enhanced, more spacious, yet warm and cozy retreat, regardless of what time of year it is.

This is an itty-bitty, non-paid endorsement, inviting you to experience the transition of fall in the sweetest way by exploring the retreat inside The Corner Cup Micro Bakery. 

Have you tried their new festive fall menu yet? 

If so, what do you recommend? Please share on social media!

The Corner Cup Micro Bakery

2 E Main Street

Festus, MO 63028

(636) 937-4736

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