What Does “MyFESTUS” Mean?


The name “My Festus” was not created with the word “My” to be synonymous with the author/writer/creator: Sara, but rather for people share a sense of ownership and pride with their own “My Festus” community.

The intention is for those to hold the word “My” with an honored adoration for the sweet, shared space we live in.

MyFESTUS.com was created to encourage a sense of belonging with a new perspective, focused on service, authenticity, trust, creativity, and connection. 

It is a platform that allows residents, visitors, and establishments to be visible by providing a space for everyone to share, connect, and support what we all love about OUR OWN FESTUS community.

I invite you to follow me on this exciting journey where I explore and experience our fabulous Festus area.

With itty-bitty stories, I shine the light on people and places, while unpacking thought-provoking concepts.

I hope you will find yourself “at home” here…within your mind, body, and soul.

This is “Your” FESTUS.

Thank you for sharing, connecting, and supporting “Our” FESTUS.

Learn about one local group who is helping our county to thrive and connect:

The Paradoxical Paradigm Shift of Jefferson County

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