Why Invest In/Be On MyFESTUS.com?

Visibility/Advertising Advantages:

MyFestus.com offers a unique opportunity for local businesses in the Festus, Missouri area to connect with a vibrant community of residents and visitors alike.

SPACE on MyFESTUS.com places your business at the heart of a platform dedicated to exploring and experiencing everything that OurFESTUS community has to offer, from dining and shopping to entertainment and services.

Here’s what makes this website so different/why local businesses are wanting to be on MyFESTUS.com:

  • Targeted Local Audience: MyFESTUS.com is a resource specifically designed for the Festus, Missouri area, ensuring that your story and message reach a highly targeted local audience that is actively seeking information about local businesses, events, and services.


  • Diverse Content Categories: This energetic and engaging platform covers a wide range of interests including food, entertainment, adventure, community connection, inspiration, and local services. This diversity allows businesses from various sectors to find their place and appeal directly to interested customers.


  • Community-Oriented Platform: MyFESTUS.com is more than just a website; it is a community hub that fosters connections between businesses, individuals, and non-profits. Being on this platform means becoming a part of a community-focused ecosystem that values collaboration and support​​.

  • Engaging Local Stories: The website features engaging stories about local establishments like The Corner Cup Micro Bakery, On the Grind Coffee Company, Cactus Pete’s Family Fun Center, and Kettlehut’s Smokehouse. These stories highlight the unique attributes and offerings of each business, creating a compelling narrative that can attract customers, and create lasting impressions​​​​​​​​.


  • Non-Paid Endorsements & Recommendations: MyFESTUS.com provides genuine, non-paid endorsements and recommendations for local businesses. This adds an element of trust and authenticity for the readers, making all visibility here more effective in attracting customers who value honest opinions and local community support​​​​​​​​.


  • Flexibility and Creativity in Stories: With a platform like MyFESTUS.com, businesses have the opportunity to showcase their unique story and connect with customers in a more personal and impactful way. Businesses can tailor their message to resonate with the MyFESTUS audience by sharing what/how they SHARE, CONNECT, AND SUPPORT OurFESTUS area community.


Being visible on MyFESTUS.com is an investment in the local community, and an opportunity to elevate businesses and non-profits by reaching out to an engaged and interested audience.

It is not just about advertising; it is about becoming a part of a story, a community, and a shared experience that celebrates the best of the Festus, Missouri area.

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