Wilde Lawn Service

Wilde Lawn Service


We are a local lawn and landscape service that does a bit of everything, from mowing lawns, to full landscape design and installation! 

We offer services year round including, spring, summer, fall and winter! And, we cater to commercial, residential, and HOA customers. 

We are a premier service provider in the Festus area and love creating solutions to our customers outdoor problems!

From overgrown lawns, let-go landscapes, to slippery snow, we will be here to service all of your outdoor needs!! 

We are unique, in our own opinion, because we are not only in business to turn a buck, but to be a part of something bigger, be a part of this community and give back whenever we can!



I (Zach Wilde) started this business in 2018 when I felt like I was being unappreciated in the place that I worked.

I knew I had a higher calling and that I would far surpass the position I was in if I went out on my own to create my own opportunity!

7 years later and I haven’t looked back. We now employ 2-3 guys per year to help maintain and transform our customers’ properties. 

Our mission is to give back to the community in any way that we can to create a better future for the generations to come.


We support our clients by maintaining and transforming their properties to keep our town looking alive and lush, and to give back their time to spend it with their families and doing the things they love. 

People can support by following our social media pages @wildelawnservice on all major platforms to stay in tune with what we’re doing, what services we offer, and how we will be giving back to our community with donations, giveaways, and fundraising, and volunteer work!


Wilde Lawn Service

  • 101 Jefferson Place, Festus, MO
  • 636-633-3719
  • WildeLawnService@gmail.com

Wilde Lawn Service has generously sponsored online space for an incredible nonprofit organization, Make-A-Wish Foundation, to be highlighted on MyFESTUS.com + our MyFESTUS social media channels. Their story is pending.

Zach, your courageous and contagious, positive energy is helping to CONNECT PEOPLE & CREATE COMMUNITY, One Story at a Time. OurFESTUS-area thanks you.

May we all support our local people and places and share this/give the Wilde Lawn Service family/team some love with your tags/comments on social media + connect with them.



Wilde Lawn Service is organizing an event to paint flower pots (CrAfTs), and sell them at Twin City Days (in early September, 2024).


“All proceeds will be donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation!!

So please come out and support Wilde Lawn Service, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and best of all our community!!!!


Painting Pots to Grant a Wish

at the Larry G. Crites Memorial Park.”

8/3/24 at 10 AM – Painting Pots to Grant a Wish

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